Winter Village in Bryant Park

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Fall in New York City is like nothing else in the world. The leaves in central park change to pretty shades of gold, stores start putting up their Christmas display windows, and who doesn’t love sweater weather? This week we took to a walk down to Winter Village in Bryant Park. It is truly the idea of a holiday in New York City, complete with the city’s only free ice skating rink and over 100 vendors all around the park selling yummy food and adorable gifts for anyone you could think of. We lucked out on perfect weather so we walked around and stopped at a few of our favorite shops.


The Éclair Shop by Woops

Its éclairs. Just éclairs. Yummy and gorgeous éclairs. Need we say more?


Bara Boheme Jewelry

This place has tons of really cute and delicate pieces that are perfect alone or layered. They also make really great gifts. We love the gold chain necklaces with colorful teardrop stones and the thin gold bangles with stone accents.


5th and Madison

There were some really unique scent combos that smelled amazing and were very unexpected. The “Fresh” scent that had a ginger and linen refreshing smell to it, which was one of our favorites as well as “Beach House.” From candles to scent sticks, this place had it all, and is definitely another amazing place to do some gift shopping.

We’ll be posting more soon with more amazing things around the city and updates on the latest Lauren Cecchi New York handbag collection! Stay tuned for more!

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