Why buying Yourself Flowers is Always a Good Idea

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You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, well in New York City that doesn’t seem to apply. The beauty of living in a city where you can get anything at anytime is that botany is no exception. All it takes is a walk to your street corner, a bouquet pickup on your way home, and you can instantly get your floral fix for the day, with or without showers. Often times women refuse to treat themselves to a bouquet unless it’s from a special someone, but in the spirit of spring here are three reasons why you should most definitely buy yourself some gorgeous blooms this season.


 1.They make you feel better. Many studies have shown that having a small bouquet in your home or office can positively affect your mood. They’ve been known to increase happiness levels, reduce stress, and, above all, they look stunning on a coffee table.


 2. They smell good. If you live in a big city, you know the air quality isn’t great. Why not, instead of buying an alcohol infused air freshener, run down to Trader Joe’s or your local flower shop and pick up a few natural bundles to freshen up the scent in your home. Our favorite fragrant picks are fresh lavender, peonies, and tulips.


 3.  They’re trendy. Getting flowers for you, your home, or your special someone has become so much more than just a dozen red roses. Floral design has become an artistic industry that fashion front-runners are beginning to jump into and create unbelievable arrangements. Street style expert and former creative director at Moda Operandi, Taylor Tomasi Hill, has recently began her growing business of @TTHBlooms; The Noise Girl jewelry designer and blogger at thefreshmani.com, Chelsea Van Houten, has also launched a chic floral venture with Pine New York. They remind us that good floral designs don’t have to stay on our clothes.

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