Trend Report: Temporary Tattoos

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Have you ever wanted a tattoo, but could never decide what to get? Or whether or not you even have that much commitment in you to get something so permanent? It’s definitely a lot easier to get something you know will wash off in a few days. Hence, the rebirth of the TEMPORARY TATTOO!


These aren’t the big yellow smiley faces you get at a carnival. Although it hasn’t been that long, temporary tattoos are making a comeback and we are really excited. This time around, the designs are chic and to die for. In 2010, Chanel released temporary tattoos with their spring collection, as did Rodarte. It was couture meets L.A. gang, and it was awesome.




We love the lack of commitment and fun designs temporary tats offer. They’re great for concerts and look super trendy showing through a simple summer dress or a plain white tee. Tattly and Flash Tattoos are two of our favorite companies that have some of the best designs for you and your girlfriends to try. And they’re super inexpensive! Check out some of our favorite picks and try out some designs that are perfect for this bare skin weather!

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