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We surely live in the technological renaissance, so there’s no time like the present to take advantage of the countless resources at our disposal. These apps are some of the most creative and effective apps on the market, so you totally need to download them today! 










First off, anyone can appreciate the time-saving efficiency of Pocket. This app lets you save pretty much anything in one convenient place. Whenever you come across an interesting site, you can save the page to your Pocket database. Pocket also shows up on your Twitter feed, so you can even Pocket a tweet! Next, we’re moving onto an utmost priority, shopping. Spring is one of the most convenient resources, because you can follow brands and shop new arrivals. Buying is also super easy; it’s done right then and there in your Spring page with the swipe of a finger! is also a shopping app; if you like someone’s Instagram picture that has a link, you’ll receive links to those pictured products in your inbox, so you can shop right away. This makes shopping so easy that you’ll have to keep an eye on your bank account!

As far as photography is concerned, if you’re going to have any photo app, it needs to be VSCO Cam. VSCO Cam allows you to use manual focus, shutter speed, white balance and exposure compensation for the perfect shot. You can also seamlessly sync your pictures across your devices with a range of editing tools, and view other photographer’s work in your home feed for inspiration. Lastly, we know the feeling; you’re in a new town, you’re hungry/thirsty and don’t know where you can find great barbecue/pizza/Chinese/vegan cuisine. FoodSpotting totally solves that problem, because all you need to do is type in a keyword like “burger” or “happy hour” and it pulls up a list of vetted options sorted by rating and proximity. Now you have your organization, shopping, photography and culinary needs met in the chicest way.

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