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Spinning is the exercise fad of the moment. Whether you’re obsessed with it or not, it’s undeniable that the rise of cycling culture has forever changed how we exercise. Spinning made being active cool. From Soul Cycle’s signature Lululemon-style pants to Peloton’s ever sleek and stylish white spin shoes, young women are not just getting their sweat on to burn some extra calories but also to make an athletic wear statement. And what better place to do it then on a bike?



New York City is the hub of all things cycling. Whether you’re a Soul Cycle fanatic, a casual Flywheel goer, or a strictly Citi bike through Central Park rider, there is no denying the widespread popularity of this form of exercise. Competition with chain studios means that lesser known facilities have to find there niche, something that makes them stand out. The formula for spinning seems pretty straightforward and yet there are so many studios from Manhattan to Brooklyn that are putting innovation into an already standard method.




Here at Lauren Cecchi New York, we are all about trying new things especially if we can burn some calories at the same time. So we decided to try out a studio that’s methodology is built on staying away from the mainstream and branding itself as spinning with a twist. Swerve, located in Midtown and Flatiron, is built on the concept of team spinning.




Let’s break down team spinning: The spin room itself is split into four quadrants with different lights hovering over each area. The bikes under each colored light represent a different team. On your bike is a tracker that displays RPM, resistance and output. During the class there are sprints and your teams collective average output score decides who wins each sprint. On the screens you can track your progress through the timed sprint and whoever is leading the team in output has their bike number displayed on the screen. At the end of the class the cumulative score from all the sprints decides which team wins. It seems confusing at first but trust us when we say the leaderboard is immensely helpful as the instructor guides the riders through the class.




Outside of the whole team part, this has all the elements of a normal spin class. At first, the concept of teams can seem daunting, but it ultimately makes you go harder and push yourself further. There was a lot of sprints, so breaks were few and far between, but if you’re looking to feel accomplished then this studio is definitely your best bet.




We would be remiss to not discuss the studio itself as we couldn’t help but marvel at how pristine everything is. The staff is welcoming, there is a full locker room, and to top it all off, there is a smoothie bar. The actual spin room is located a floor below and when you walk in, it’s a total body experience. It feels like an arena, with different colored lights marking different portions of the room. There are two giant TV screens in front and the instructor is perched on a bike waiting to usher you in.




This is easily a studio we would recommend so if you’re in NYC or have ClassPass, head over to Swerve. If team spinning is not your thing, or leaderboards for that matter, then opt for a studio that puts less emphasis on the numbers and more focus on the ride. As an added bonus, you can order a smoothie before the class and it will be waiting for you when you get out!

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Lauren Cecchi New York Team


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