The SAG Awards

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If you missed the SAG awards on Sunday, then you missed some crucial award speeches that reflect what is happening in our country today.  As exciting as it was watching some of our favorite actors and actresses receive the Actor, the messages that were told were important in our current time.  Many of the actors and actresses that received awards used their podium time to send a message about equality, human rights, and their overall thoughts on the policies emerging in the United States right now.


Most award shows are about the fashion and celebrities that have attended, but this SAG ceremony took on a different theme. As you may know, President Trump has said some things that are unfavorable around the nation, including building a wall on the Mexico/U.S boarder and his recent “Muslim Ban”, forbidding citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries to enter the country.  If you want to read more about the executive order, read it here


Although, so much turmoil is causing stress in our nation, these actors took it upon themselves to remind us that we are a nation that fights for our people.  Speech after speech, if you were watching, we were reminded that we need to bring love into our communities and learn to love what makes us different instead of divide ourselves.  Taraji P. Henson, Mahershala Ali,  and Taylor Schilling, gave powerful messages on acceptance of others and what we can do together.  One in particular stands out, which is Stranger Things actor, David Harbour, who addressed the audience with so much passion, he was given a standing ovation.


Sometimes it is necessary to use your spotlight to address concerns that effect us all.  This year’s SAG Awards became a political statement to the current state our nation is in, and how we can stand as one, to have a better future.

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