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There are so many fun exciting things to do around New York City. Where do you start? Our team wanted to put together a perfect day of plans throughout New York City. From shopping, to adrenaline rushes, to eating some of the best foods, New York City is one of a kind.


Start the day by taking a nice stroll through New York’s beloved gem, Central Park. This park is home to 843 acres of verdant views, vibrant floras, and hidden histories. While strolling along the paths, you can see bicyclists, hear a guitar strumming, or even run into a celebrity enjoying the park as well. Enjoy a treat at local cafes or small stands offering lemonade or baked goods. Take a romantic paddle around the Lake or let someone else do the work, with a Venetian gondola ride. Animal lovers will dig the cute critters at the Tisch Children’s Zoo, adjacent to the main zoo, where you can also get up close and personal with goats. In the Central Park Zoo itself, coo over the daily feeding of the sea lions and penguins, and watch Snow Monkeys leap playfully between rocks. Central Park is a peaceful morning start to a fun-filled day in New York City.


After a lovely walk in the park, enjoy a nice afternoon sip at one of New York’s finest. For over 100 years, The Palm Court at The Plaza has been New York City’s iconic destination for Afternoon Tea.  Today, The Palm Court showcases classic American menus from morning to evening.  Afternoon Tea truly shines, with a tea list of worldly depth, custom tableware and Bernadaud china made exclusively for The Plaza, and of course, a bit of Eloise too! While staying true to its original design intent, master architect brings the grand feeling of Central Park indoors; creating an ambiance that feels warm, private and glamorous. Bespoke furnishings provide a relaxed, yet elegant setting well suited for either a professional breakfast meeting or an evening of cocktails crafted by a fabulous mixologist. This elegant room, marked with its historic stained glass lay light and impressive height, adds a touch of old world New York to a very polished and modern sense of hospitality. This is the perfect place for an afternoon relaxation.

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Now the real fun begins! Step aboard a Bell 407 helicopter for a fantastic bird’s eye view of the magical isle of Manhattan. Exhilarating New York sightseeing opportunities, a New York helicopter ride delivers more than you ever imagined. Lifting off in the downtown seaport area, a helicopter ride soaring all over NYC, Governor’s Island, the Statute of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, Empire State building, MetLife stadium, and so much more. Experience the beauty of Central Park high above or the Statute of Liberty as you float above the world’s famous skyline. Riders can choose from different types of packages depending on how long you want to be in the air for. This experience is definitely weather dependent so always contact the provider before going. A helicopter ride over New York City is an unforgettable experience.

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What’s a New York trip without going to see the greatest team of all time play? Even though it was built just five years ago, Yankee Stadium is a monument to the team’s rich history and New York’s robust food culture. Most of Yankee Stadium offers clear sightlines of the entire field, but there are certain sections where views can be partially obscured. Before and after games, the blocks around Yankee Stadium become a tangled mess of fans darting to and from the many subway entrances and parking garages that surround the ballpark. Yankee Stadium is filling with must sees, including inside the main gate is the Great Hall, a cavernous, light-filled space lined with towering portraits of the Yankees’ many timeless stars. Stroll through and you can trace the key figures behind the most successful team in American sports, from Babe Ruth to Joe DiMaggio and Derek Jeter. From there head to Monument Park behind the center field wall, a dramatic tribute to the greatest figures in Yankee history. Yankee Stadium is a great experience with friends or family. Enjoy a hotdog and a great game at Yankee Stadium!

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