The New Normcore

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Every where you look you can almost always see beautiful women wearing old sweatshirts, baggy jeans, and Birkenstocks; it’s the look you swore you’d never see yourself wearing. However, tt’s sweeping the fashion world and is on every blog, Instagram, and Pinterest board imaginable. Normcore. The look: a baseball cap, sweats, New Balance sneakers or socks with Tevas, basically the outfit of a teenage boy or tourist would be wearing. The idea is looking like everyone else, the average joe, and embracing the “sameness” you have with other people.




Many fashionistas are styling up their normcore looks with their favorite colorful handbag but all the while still maintaining the look of “normal”. Even world famous fashion house, CHANEL, displayed a popular normcore sneaker style in their Fall 2014 runway show during Paris fashion week. Model Cara Delevigne opened the show sporting an “abnormal” take on the normcore look while shopping at the Chanel super market.


The trend is slightly confusing considering the fact that most people nailing the normcore look are pairing their outfits with $3,000 handbags or $200 sweats. Nonetheless, normcore is catching on with fashion icons and everyday trendsetters alike, and it’s a trend that easy to get on board with. Check out The Man Repeller, We Wore What, and Lucky’s Editor-in-chief Eva Chen for inspiration and try wearing some Joie sweats and a LCNY bag for that splash of color!

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