The Art of Athletic Wear

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We are those type of girls that the “go to” running errands look is leggings and a sports top. However, it was never feasible to look presentable when compared to other fashionable New York counterparts!  Well now, the time has finally arrived!  Fashionable athletic gear is not only acceptable, it is in style!  Many celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon of the workout wonder, garnering a lot of attention and street cred for us comfort obsessed women.

Kate Hudson has started her own line of athletic wear called Fabletics.  She’s put her own spin on legging and sports bras with fun patterns and super chic hoodies and dresses. Her line is great for working out in, but covers those days that you want to look presentable while being comfortable all at the same time.  Here are just a few of our favorite pieces from her Fabletics line:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.51.20 AM

Salar Legging

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.53.11 AM

Moorea Bra

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.55.54 AM

Ithaca Jacket

Lululemon, everyone’s favorite workout brand, has just come out with a new line of fashion forward looks.  It is called Lululemon Lab and has an extremely limited stock, where customers can only buy their items at the location downtown.  Their goal is to promote ‘Athleisure’, where consumers move from athletic gear to fashion forward comfort.  They have everything from structured coats to tailored pants, the lab has taken athletic gear to a whole new level!

Lululemon Lab; 50 Bond Street

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.07.59 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.07.10 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.06.41 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.07.18 AM

This next brand is a favorite because they have so many products for many different sizes and shapes.  Athleta is not your average workout brand.  It covers many different hobbies such as yoga, running, cycling, or travelling.  Their items are true to size and are so cute!


Aspire Ankle Pant


Shop By Sport Looks


Printed Molokai Maxi Dress

With all of these options and the proliferation of ‘Athleisure’, you are bound to find something to your suiting.  No longer are the days where you get looks from across the aisle while grocery shopping in your favorite leggings.  Now, people will be coming up to you asking where you got that cute dress-and you can tell them: your favorite workout place!

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Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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