The 3D Phenomenon

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If you’ve been to the movies in the past ten years, you’ve probably noticed a trend in almost every major motion picture to the hit big screen, 3D everything. It makes actions flicks look awesome and every other film significantly more expensive. Fortunately, the fashion world is getting on board with this trend and it doesn’t hurt your eyes. We promise.

Last year, Dita von Teese debuted a 3D printed gown that was black lacquered and covered in Swarovski crystals. Dutch designer, Iris van Herpen, debuted 3D printed designs and shoes that looked more like art than a ready-to-wear collection. Nonetheless, it was incredible.


And if you still aren’t sold on the 3D trend, watch this YouTube video of the Mink Makeup Printer. All of us at LCNY have been obsessed with and can’t wait to get our hands on one. Trust us, it will blow your mind.

The Makerbot is the most accessible 3D printer on the market and we have had to joy of being able to try one out and it was pretty awesome! At the trade shows in NYC we have been seeing more and more emerging jewelry designers making all their designs from a 3D printers.  If you aren’t sold on the trend stay tuned for the future, we have a feeling this trend is here to stay!

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