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We have been seeing an influx of grunge and 90’s trends on the runways and streets that we secretly love to hate and hate to love. Some trends we love that are coming back are dark lips, choker necklaces, and messy hair (because what girl really wants to brush her hair anyway?) Here are some more trends we love that are making a comeback!


Leather Biker Jackets


Did this trend ever leave? We don’t think so but it was definitely popularized during the 90’s and now worn by everyone. From the Saint Laurent runway shows to being available at Forever 21 starting at $34 you can pull off this look no matter what your budget is. Pair this with all black look or with a cute floral dress.




Now we are not saying this is our favorite trend revival but flannel is making a statement on the runways like the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015 collection. Flannel was made popular by the front man of Nirvana Kurt Cobain and the TV show My So-Called Life. We dig flannel in a casual way but not something to wear to the Met Gala.


Crazy Hair Color


Gwen Stefani made this trend popular in the 90’s during her No Doubt days and over the last year we have been seeing people like Kelly Osborne, Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner trading their regular color for shades of purple, gray and blue. We have to admit we are tempted to try pink highlights!


Crop Top


Let’s talk Clueless days and TLC’s No Scrubs. The crop top has been making an appearance in the festival scene and is all over the streets on NYC. We love the crop top worn with a high waisted skirt or someone who has killer abs. Unfortunately, everyone else the crop top is not for you.


We hope these trends stay for a while because they are fun and perfect for summer! Some trends that should have stayed in the 90’s are Doc Martens and jelly sandals (sorry we are not sorry.)

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