Summer Reading Spots

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As the weather starts to warm up in the city, and the streets begin to flood with people, sometimes the only thing you need is a relaxing place to read a good book. (#GIRLBOSS is on our latest reading list!) There’s nothing better than running out during a lunch break or a day off to a place where you can focus on nothing but the pages in front of you. There are few places we love to escape to in the city, get some much needed Vitamin D and read the latest issue of Vogue. Here are some of our favorite spots!

  1. Bryant Park/NYPL (42nd & 5th)
  2. Nelson Rockefeller Park (North End Ave & River Terrace)
  3. Sheep’s Meadow (Central Park West)
  4. Chelsea Highline (23rd & 10th)
  5. Battery Park (Downtown)

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