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If you’re a taken fashionista, it’s important that your man is just as polished as you are. Every guy needs a little help here and there, so you might be surprised of how major a simple closet audit can be! First, make sure he has the basics, like a few collared shirts, pairs of slacks, dress shoes and belts in a couple colors each.



H&M White Cotton Shirt

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Calvin Klein slacks

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The Art of Shaving



Vince Shirt


Levi Jeans


Stance Mahalo Socks

Tailored clothing is a must, because nobody likes an oversized shirt, saggy pants or crumpled pant legs, so make sure his clothing fits well. It’s also important that your guy is groomed from head to toe, so invest in a few classic products to shave or maintain his facial hair. As far as do’s and don’ts go, don’t pair brown and black, because it can get confusing and accessories including his belt and shoes should match. We believe the socks, pocket squares, and sunglasses are where he can show is his own personal style and play with colors, patterns, and styles. With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be the cutest couple in town.

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