Stars and Stripes – Emphasis on the Stripes

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This July 4th dress up some candles to make your dinner table cheerful and fun! We created a DIY project that is super easy and entertaining. Kids will love to make this! Start by gathering your favorite variety of vases or glass pieces. Designing a candle piece is as simple as pouring layers of sand into a glass. Make as many as you want to add a patriotic centerpiece to coordinate your July 4th BBQ.


For the project you will need a few materials:

Different colored sands

Votive candles

Vases or glass jars






Start by filling a clear glass with enough sand so that the candle falls just below the rim. Set that glass inside a clear vase. The funnel will make your life so much easier. Fill the gap between the two glasses with layers of colored sand. You can make each layer as thick or thin as you would like. We preferably like the layers to be thin. Use enough sand to reach the rim of the outer glass. And done! You have created the perfect July 4th centerpiece.

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