Spring Has Sprung and It’s Time for a New Scent!

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It is time to get out of your old habits and spice up your life (or more like your scent)!  Spring always calls for a change, whether it be a new handbag or a new perfume.  There have been some amazing eau de parfums created recently and we’re here to give you the inside scoop.

We are absolutely obsessed with Marc Jacobs new perfume, named Decadence.  One thing about it is that it is shaped like a mini handbag, which we love.  There are notes of Italian plum, which give it a sensual and woody scent.  


Source: Sephora

Jo Malone fragrances are an LCNY favorite (no really, Lauren wears it herself), and always have a natural and beautiful smelling scent that leaves you satisfied.  All scents are composed of unique combinations.  Orange Blossom, Peonie and Blush Suede, Lime Basil and Mandarin, and Pomagranite Noir are among the amazing names that Jo Malone sells.  It is a must to go and try out all the different samples, and we can assure you that finding just ONE will be a tough task.  


Source: Jo Malone 

If you want to go for a wild one, try YSL’s Black Opium.  It is a combination of black coffee, vanilla, and white florals.  One of our very own #girlgang members has this scent and she raves about it.  It is sexy and sweet at the same time, but can be overpowering if you let it become so.  



Source: Macy’s 

Anytime you are free and are feeling up for a change, perfumes are the perfect go-to accessory to swap.  Head to Macy’s or any of your nearest department stores and look for these scents as your new favorite part of your everyday routine.

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