Premiere Vision NY S/S 2018

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If you know about the fashion world, then you know that designers plan 6 months to a year in advance for collections and new designs.  Premiere Vision is a trade show exhibit where anyone involved in the creation of fabrics, leathers and hardware go to display their work and find buyers.  From manufacturers to companies specializing in zippers, Premiere Vision is the place for them to meet new clients, catch up with existing accounts and display new items.  This is especially a great event for designers to find new prints they may want to use or see what will be the trend for next year.  The Lauren Cecchi team went by to check out what’s in store for Spring/Summer 2018 and what trends to look out for.


We saw tons of colors at the trade show but what seemed to be a reoccurring trend was shades of pink, especially rustic pink. The color pink made an appearance in almost all the color samples we saw.  Whether it was incorporated in to a print or stand alone on variety of fabrics, be sure to add these pinks into your wardrobe for Spring 2018. 

A blend of sunny cocktail colors were in the mix along with the pinks.  Bold and bright oranges, reds with eye catching turquoises and aquatic blues were seen on leathers and fabrics.  

As usual neutral colors will always make their way into the next year.  Next summer you will see clothing on the warmer side of the spectrum.  You will see your sands, whites, beiges, and black. 


The major patterns to look out for is the geometrics.  Wide geometry designs will make its way into your summer closet in all types of ways, whether on your prints or accessory details. 

A favorite for many people, stripes are here to stay for another season.  Throughout the show we saw tons of stripes featured in designers pattern selections.  Seersucker also seems to be one of the populates as well.  A variety of pink shades were seen in stripes along with greens and blues. 

Another trend was lace appliqué.  These came in more neutral tones like shades of grey, black, taupe, and especially whites.  With their detailed patterns and delicate look, this lace will give any garment a look of luxury. 


One of our favorite sections to look at was the leathers, and of course they had a multitude to choose from.  We especially noticed all the textures they came in.  Manufacturers were embossing the looks of python, crocodile, and other exotic animal skins.  What’s great about this is that you could get the exotic print look at a lower price.

Accents and Accessories

This past year was the year of the puff ball, it was on every bag you can imagine, and looks like it’s here to stay for a bit longer.  These fur ball key chains are a cute accent to a plain bag or backpack.  They come is so many colors that you can easily find one to add to your collection for next summer or if you can’t wait shop our site now! 

Another trend making its was to 2018 are patches.  It was clear from what we saw that patches are going to be an accent piece.  These patches had a bit of pop culture mix with the designers own taste, making it fresh for the next year. 

Bold and unique hardware like buttons and zippers were also featured during the show. Many of the buttons showed marble like colors, or metallic surfaces.  The zippers were even better, we saw plenty in metallic shades and iridescent. What we loved most was the oversized zippers in colorful metal colors, theses get your attention instantly.

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