Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial with Divalicious

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If we have learned anything in 2015 it is all about the videos! Every day we stream and watch millions of short videos that entice us to make a new recipe, learn a new work out or try a new tech gadget (we all want to try a hover board!) With 2016 only a hop, skip and a jump away we wanted to start bringing you videos on the regular to bring you more of the things we love.

For our first make-up tutorial we thought we had to have Lauren Consenza from Divalicious do it! Lauren is the Editor-in-Chief of Divalicious and is one of the top beauty experts in New York City. She has worked with and has been featured on everyone including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Shape, Victoria’s Secret and The New York Times to name a few.

We wanted to show our viewers how to create the perfect smokey eye for the holidays inspired by our Plum Getaway! Lauren knows what she is talking about when it comes to make-up and beauty so be sure to TAKE NOTES or look below for instructions. Here is how we created the perfect plum smokey eye:

  1. Start with an eye primer over the full lid. You want your holiday look to last all night.
  2. Using a fluffy brush, apply a matte plum wash of color from the lashline to the crease. Then blend up and out.
  3. Add a richer, deeper shimmery plum from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner with a dense flat brush. Blend the shades so there is a nice gradation from the inner to outer corner.
  4. With a pointed pencil brush, add a matte eggplant or black shadow in a ‘v’ shape at the outer corner.
  5. Mimic this color placement tightly underneath the lower lashline, with emphasis on the outer half of the eye.
  6. Define the top lashline with a gel liner.
  7. Finish with mascara on upper and lower lashes with an emphasis at the outer corners for a flirty effect.
  8. Bat those lashes all night!

Now show us your look! Tag and @laurencecchi in your latest Instagram or Twitter post so we can see how you pulled off the perfect Plum Smokey Eye. Be sure to stay tuned for more make-up tutorials with Divalicious in 2016!

Yours in Style,

Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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