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If there is one thing for sure, it is that New Yorkers have a way of life that is starkly different from the rest of the world.  Our routines and habits are essential to our unique reputations.  If you’re looking to fit into the black-clad crowds, there are just a few necessary items that you’ll need straight off the bat.

No New Yorker is seen without the quintessential leather jacket.  Because the color is black is synonymous for New Yorkers, there is never an event that can’t go to without a leather jacket.  Paired with jeans and sporty sneakers, a dress and lace-up flats, or even a skirt with ankle boots; leather jackets fit perfectly in everyone’s closet.  All Saints is the haven for leather jackets, but Zara’s are great for a few seasons.

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Source: Vogue

If you’re all about remaining youthful (as almost everyone is), moisturizer is a girl’s best friend.  CeraVe has amazing products that work day and night.  Their AM product is perfect for running errands, or as a light layer underneath your makeup.  It doesn’t leave your skin an oily mess while maintaining your skin’s natural hydration.  The PM formula works wonders too, being super light and airy.

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Source: CeraVe

New York City is known for it’s atmosphere.  That being said, everyone walks everywhere.  It is quite normal to see women dressed to the nines in athletic sneakers.  This is because fashion is key, but practicality is smart.  New Balance,  Adidas. and Nike sneakers can make your walk to work easy, but cute at the same time.


Our Very Own Lauren, Wearing Our Getaway Bag with her Nike Roschs! #evachenpose



When you’re on the go, as most New Yorkers are, hand sanitizer and a MetroCard are two things that you’ll find in every handbag.  We love our taking the train to our meetings since we are Midtown with every possible train available but they aren’t the cleanest. When you can’t hail a cab or uber is surge pricing, we sanitize and use the subway.  We’re all about the subway, but cleanliness is prime.

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Source: Alberta Ferretti

Hopefully with these steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming the quintessential New Yorker!

Yours in Style,

Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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