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With so many shows being released every season it’s hard to keep up with them all. There are tons of binge worthy television shows and we thought we would give you our top picks for spring.  And if you’re a new reader check out our previous post on addicting Netflix shows.

Big Little Lies – HBO


Okay this is our top pick because not only does it have a star filled cast, (Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Sheilene Woodley, and Zoe Kravitz just to name a few) it draws you in to the point of no return right in the first episode.  This murder mystery mini series is based on a novel by Dave E. Kelley and after watching it, we honestly wish there was more.  The first scene starts off with the murder and police questioning the citizens of their account of the night, you quickly see the gossip, lies, and drama unfold.  So if you have sick day, lazy Sunday or free time, we highly recommend this series.

Feud – FX Network


If you missed Jessica Lange in the last two seasons of American Horror Story, she’s back with a new show.  The first season focuses on the Hollywood feud between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Betty Davis (Susan Sarandon) and brings us back in time to the 60s.  With this show, Ryan Murphy continues to bring us unique and addicting television.

Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix


This show caught us off guard, while we weren’t expecting much of it, the cast (Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphnat, Liv Hewson, and more) drew us in to give it a try. Santa Clarita Diet, is an off beat quirky show that is funnier with each epsisode.  Barrymore’s character finds out that she died and has come back to life, while the family tries to figure how why and how, they comedically struggle to keep up normal appearances.

13 Reason’s Why – Netflix

13 reasons why, shows

Again, Netflix is here to give us all of our binge watching needs.  If you are in to teen drama, this is a must see show.  13 Reason’s Why is an adaptation from the novel by Jay Asher, which a young teen commits suicide and leaves tapes to 13 classmates on why they are one of reasons she did it.  Each episode the story unfolds as each person listens to their tape tangling the lives of everyone involved.


Game of Thrones – HBO

GoT, shows

This one hardly needs an introduction, but for everyone out there the second to the final season aires on July 16.  This show might not be for everyone but it definitely brings drama, love, action, mystery all into one.  If you haven’t seen it and are curious to what’s all the hype about, all of the previous seasons are on HBOGO. You have plenty of catch up time before the big premiere!


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