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Gel manicures have been creeping their way into our hearts with their non-chip promise and flawless finish, but we don’t really love them when they grow out over our cuticles. For about $30 our Shellac manicures last about two weeks with the exception of our nails growing out after 5-6 days. We’ve recently discovered Dior’s Gel Coat after hearing the raving reviews from some of our favorite beauty frontrunners, and we decided to give it a try.


For $25, the gel topcoat left our nails glossy and gave it a hardened Shellac appearance, which we loved. However, compared to our typical two week Shellac guarantee, our nails lasted a little over a week without chipping. Without the gel top coat our nails chipped after the first 2-3 days. We like the convenience of having Dior’s latest nail addition in our ever growing polish collection to help make our favorite colors last. We also like paying for it once, unlike our monthly routine of paying for our beloved gel manicures, which, no doubt we will still be having.

Here’s our LCNY final verdict!

Shellac: Two week guarantee, but grows out

Dior Gel Coat: Lasts longer than a manicure, but not as long as Shellac

Regular Manicure: You’d be lucky if you left the salon without a smudge

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Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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