Mother-Daughter Model Duos (& Trios)

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These days, it’s common to see dutiful daughters following in the footsteps of their super model mothers – stepping gracefully into the spotlight to create a unique name for themselves on the catwalks. From Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley to Yolanda Hadid and Kate Moss, some of the biggest names in fashion got their start in the shadows of their magnificent matriarch. Here are some of our favorite dynamic duos:

Yolanda, Gigi, and Bella Hadid

Hadid Family

Yolanda Hadid was a showstopper in her day (and still is!), so it’s no surprise that she spawned two beautiful daughters who grew up to become models as well. Gigi and Bella have been gracing the covers of the most popular fashion magazines for years now, and both women have had the honor of being nominated for Model of the Year. So far, the girls have been featured in Vogue, Gigi has a highly successful collaboration with Tommy Hilifiger and Bella is the face of Dior Beauty, and both walk the hottest shows during Fashion Weeks around the globe.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Crawford Family

All eyes were fixed on Kaia Gerber this month as she opened for Alexander Wang in New York before traveling to open for Fendi in Milan. Exotic and elegant, Kaia exuded the style and grace of her poised predecessor. Her mother, the one and only Cindy Crawford, was known for being among the very first supermodels in the industry, with her sexy smile eventually becoming the face of Pepsi Co., Maybelline, Guess Jeans, and several other designer brands. Hailed as “every man’s fantasy,” this deserving duo hails from a long lineage of superb beauty that proves good genes are no myth.

Kate Moss and Lila Hack


Kate is often synonymous with “controversial” due to her relatively svelte figure during her prime as a supermodel. However, Ms. Moss is also known as one of the hottest names in fashion despite her somewhat petite stature, having been the face of Calvin Klein for years. Her daughter, Lila Hack, has been just as well-received since childhood. As a rising star, it will be interesting to see if Lila outshines her mother as she grows more comfortable in her role as an up-and-coming style star.

Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger

Formerly the First Lady of Rock as Mick Jagger’s common law wife and currently the betrothed of the media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, the fabulous Jerry Hall has been a recognizable face in fashion since she was discovered in Paris. As a twin, her looks are shared with more than just her daughter, Georgia May. Young Georgia, who is as timelessly beautiful as her mother, is on her way to stardom as a model through the TESS Modeling agency and the face of Rimmel London. So far, Jerry and Georgia have both modeled for plenty of popular names, including Chanel, Versace, and Miu Miu to name a few.

Pat Cleveland & Anna Cleveland


Famous since the 60s for having such a unique look, Patricia Cleveland’s days as a fashion icon are nowhere near over. Not only has she passed the torch to her gorgeous daughter, Anna, but the mother-daughter duo has also posed together for numerous publications, including the most notable shoot in 2014 for Zac Posen’s Resort Lookbook. Known for her dramatic catwalk demeanor which rivals her mother’s more whimsical performance, Anna Cleveland von Ravenstein is on her way to becoming a household name.

Kim Basinger & Ireland Baldwin


Kim Basinger, who was originally a New York-based fashion model in the 70s and 80s, still retains all the sex appeal and exquisite taste that made her famous in the first place. Now, however, her biggest rival may be her own daughter, Ireland Baldwin, who is known for her “towering height” as well as her ranking as #90 on Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100” list. Ireland’s unique insights on fashion could change the game, as her campaign to be recognized as a healthy model who has fun with what she wears is made more obvious with each interview. It would appear as though Ireland’s exclusive mix of attitude and fortitude are as hereditary as her timeless beauty.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that these fine young daughters of the world’s most iconic supermodels will become the next big names on the runway. With unforgettable mothers, famous fathers, and genetics that get better with every generation, these dynamic duos are stylishly paving the way for the future of fashion.

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