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Social media can be a powerful tool to get your message across, especially when it comes to female empowerment.  Using Instagram and Tumbler, Rupi Kaur expressed herself through poetry which gained so much traction that a book of her poems was published.  The Canadian feminist poet writes of love, loss, abuse, violence, but her favorite theme is empowerment. That is why we chose her as our Monthly Muse! 


With in a short 2 years Rupi Kaur became the “instapoet” to follow.  One of her most powerful messages came through her photo-essay on menstrual taboos.  She stirred up controversy when posting a photo of herself for her menstruation project, Instagram removed it twice.  Taking to Facebook, Kaur said her point was proven when they removed her photo.  She argued that it is not okay for women to express natural occurrences but lets more than provocative photos of women stay.


Her messages were inspirational and captivating, leaving readers wanting more poetry they could relate to.  In 2014, Kaur related a self-published book on Amazon, it gained so much popularity that Andrews McNeel Pubishing picked it up for reprint and was rereleased in October 2015.  The poetry book, Milk and Honey, since then it has sold over half a million copies and was a best seller for 25 weeks straight.


Milk and Honey is broken up into four themes, the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing.  With her poetry, Rupi Kaur writes to give herself the advice she needs along with showing women how to express themselves.  This book is empowering and continues to inspire women on a daily basis.  Rupi is definitely a woman to watch out for, as she strengthens feminist everywhere.

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