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Success comes in all different shapes and sizes but there’s nothing we love to talk about more than female triumph. Yes, in the wise words of Lily Allen, “it’s hard out here for a b***” but twenty year old Megan Grassell proves it’s easier to take over the world than you may think. The Jackson Hole, WY native’s inspirational story is definitely one to take notice of.

One day, while out looking for a first ever bra for her little sister, she noticed something about the selection which ended up making her a face of female empowerment. As she puts it, she was “appalled at all the bra options”  available to her sister and girls her age. Nothing but push-up bras and serious padding. Why is a thirteen year old girl presented with a selection that “screams sex appeal” and is clearly meant for an older woman?


Taking advantage of her dad’s yellow legal pad, she sketched out a few ideas and decided to found her own company. And in 2014, using the money she earned from bussing tables and a Kickstarter, she became the founder of Yellowberry which would go on to change the bra industry and inspire and empower women all over the world.

Yellowberry has truly revolutionized the bra industry. As they say “we focus on the girl and what she can do in her Yellowberry, not the way she looks in her Yellowberry.” They encourage diversity and the celebration of youth. Yellowberry has gotten to the point where it is really more than just a brand, it’s a sisterhood. Megan’s work has truly made her the face of #GirlPower.

The Yellowberry CEO was just recently featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 along with numerous other recognitions. TIME Magazine named her one of the 25 Most Influential Teens, along with Yahoo’s 24 Millennials to Watch. In addition, she’s been featured in countless magazines like Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and The New York Times. This girl is really killing the game! Keep it up Megan, you’re amazing.

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