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Our #girlgang column is back again!  We’re bringing you the girl that we all love and aspire to be friends with: Margot Robbie.  She’s smart, beautiful, funny, sassy, and we love it all.  Not only has the It-girl played along side of Leo (yes, THE Leo), she has also captured audience attention landing roles amongst huge stars like Will Smith, Tina Fey, Cara Delevigne, and Samuel L. Jackson.



Source: Vogue

Growing up on the Gold Coast, Robbie had been a steriotypical Aussie, surfing and hunting wild pig were among some of her favorite hobbies.  She knew she had been destined for greatness though, so after high school she blind-called producers of local soap opera shows.  She starred in Neighbors, where she garnered attention and made steps in branding a name for herself in the acting industry.



Source: Daily Mail

Playing roles in movies alongside big Hollywood names isn’t a small task.  Robbie is the definition of “working your way up”.  Her sass and motivation got her the main female role in Wolf of Wall Street, a movie that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and was directed by Scorsese himself.  When auditioning, she took a risk and slapped Leo in the middle of a fight scene (totally improvising).  That sass and drive got her the role, and the rest is history.  Go Margot!



Source: Cinema Blend

This leading lady is set to be a part of many blockbuster hits in the upcoming year.  We’re predicting that 2016 is the year of Margot Robbie.  Keep an eye out for her, ladies.  She’s been on the cover of Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and many more.  Her effortless style, simple beauty, and awesome personality make her one of our very favorites.  Would love to see an LCNY bag on her arm very soon!



Source: Vogue Australia

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PS: The girl can pull of ANY hair color!  Just look here:



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