The MET features Rei Kawakubo’s “In- Between”

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Rei Kawakubo is known for her creative clothing designs which transformed the perspective of the fashion industry. Her originality is being featured currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The MET admires her success which has been influencing lives since 1973 when she opened her first store.

Kawakubo is known for her concept of the “in-between,” combining “mu” emptiness and “ma” space. She accentuates nine expressions in her “in-between” collection: Absence/ Presence; Design/ Not Design; Fashion/ Antifashion; Model/ Multiple; High/ Low; Then/ Now; Self/ Other; Object/ Subject; and Clothing/ Not Clothes. She’s produced something so artistically pleasing that shows how empty space can be inspirational. Using pairs in each collection shows a technique that led her to success. Currently Kawakubo is a founder of Comme des Garçons clothing line and has over 150 shops in her name.

Kawakubo showcased that her art is limitless by being a self taught artist. “I wasn’t limited to the confines of a pattern. Not being educated, not being taught how to design, I was able to visualize in a completely different context. And I still seem able to draw upon the unconventional.” Her creative process starts with a single word or an abstract image that is then altered into her variety of patterns. Her highlight strategies that repeat into her collection are: fusion, imbalance, the unfinished, elimination, and design without design.

The gallery showcased a medley of colors, textures, and diversity. Here are some photos of the exhibition.






The gallery was nothing short of spectacular. It was visually pleasing with the choice of colors in Clothing/ Not Clothes. There are different hues of red that capture the feeling of passion. The specific exhibition expresses a variety of textures, patterns and movement. If you want to see something out of the ordinary check out this exhibit.

For more information and insight to the gallery, click here to see more.

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