Introducing the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

During the brisk autumn and frigid winter months, Lauren Cecchi New York is always thinking about where her customer might be going. Is she traveling to her favorite ski village in Aspen or is she escaping the cold to take a trip Bali? Is she a busy executive, jet setter or a stylish mother with lots on her to-do list? To Lauren Cecchi, her own life revolves around designing handbags which are suitable for her customer’s needs.  Each LCNY creation is expertly crafted to be suitable for all occasions.

The Fall/Winter 2016 Collection draws its inspiration from the sensation of flying high above the clouds, while looking down to admire the natural scenery. Imagine soaring over army green savannas that are dotted with deep dark bodies of water, all juxtaposed by white and beige beaches of sand and stone. That is exactly what inspired this collection’s color story: Army Green, Black, White, and Sand.

The neutral color palate of this collection is definitely something new for LCNY, which is known for its typically bold and bright lineup. While we still love those colors very much, we wanted to change it up and go with something a little more monochromatic this season – to match the clothing our typical clients will be wearing. Camoflauge if you will, we have perfected the art is blending in while standing out.

This collection includes all our favorite styles: Stretta, Sorella, Mezzo, Folio, and Bella Backpack. We are also proudly introducing the new styles: Skinny Wallet and the Double. The Skinny Wallet, which is features six credit card slots and an open pocket for cash and zippered pocket for coins, is the perfect accessory for necessity. The Double, however, holds more, with two pouch compartments snapped together to create one amazing piece or two separate bags. Whatever you choose, chain bag or clutch, the evening will be ready for you.

The idea behind the introduction of this collection is to show the world that luxury can be lived in anytime, anywhere, and in any season. Take Lauren Cecchi New York wherever you go and your handbags will keep you ready for every adventure.

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