How to De-Stress in 2015

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The new year brings new goals, challenges and deadlines, and that’s enough to stress anyone out! Thus, it’s important to take care of stress before it becomes a problem. Built-up anxiety can lead to unfortunate health problems like high blood pressure, chronic migraines and weight gain. So when stress is overwhelming, remember to take care with these gratifying methods!


Teavana Peach Herbal Tea

One of the first things you can do when you’re stressed out is to simply drink tea. Tea has an amazing plethora of benefits, including boosting your immune system with antioxidants and oxygen absorption, regulating your body mass index and boosting overall endurance. Teavana is a great specialty tea store, because they have fresh and flavorful tea for pretty much anything; relaxation, energy, dessert, and appetite nourishment.

bath bomb

Lush Rose Bath Bomb

The next way to relax is by taking an old-fashioned hot bath or shower with aromatherapy. This LUSH rose bath bomb instantly fizzles and disintegrates into your bath and disperses moisturizing properties with a lovely scent. LUSH has tons of aromatherapy products for baths and showers that look, feel and smell awesome.

stress relief

Eucalyptus Spearmint Oil

Another way to utilize aromatherapy is to invest in relaxing scented oil. This eucalyptus spearmint oil from Bath and Body Works is designed to soothe. Simply dabbing some on your pulse points or adding a few drops to your bath can help you regain focus and center yourself.

sleeping mask

Silk Sleeping Mask 

Next, it may sound ironic, but try to make a conscious effort to get the most solid sleep possible. Sometimes, tossing and turning due to stressors can cause fragmented sleep, which leaves you feeling groggy. But shutting out distractions by silencing your phone and wearing an eye mask sends signals to your bran that it’s time for sleep, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.


Frends Earbuds

Lastly, music is a pretty powerful therapeutic tool, and can accompany several other ways to clear your mind.  Whether you’re jotting down your thoughts in a journal, working out at the gym or riding home on your commute, connecting with a beat or lyric can totally turn your day around. These Frends earbuds are stylish and small, so you can take them anywhere you go. Remember to take care, so you can have your happiest and healthiest year to date.

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