How to Contour with Divalicious

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What is contouring? We had the same question as you, so we called upon our dear friend Lauren Cosenza from DIVAlicious to teach us how to contour! She helped us conquer the perfect smokey eye so we knew she’d be able to tell us all about contouring!


Select a cream product 2 shades deeper than your natural skintone. In this video, we choose deeper and a touch warmer to match my overall tan. You can also contour with cool, taupe tones to mimic shadows for that sculpted effect.


Map you contour shade around the hairline and jawline, under the cheekbone and down the sides and bottom of the now.


Select a cream product 2 shades lighter than your natural skintone.
Map your highlight shade on the center of the forehead and nose, down the bridge of your nose and in triangles under the eyes.


Marry the shades by blending the product over the skin, especially where the two shades meet, so the effect is fresh. Contouring can be dramatic but with proper blending it can be subtle enough for daytime wear.


Set your contour and highlight with powders that match the two shades, or with a translucent micro powder. This will lock in the placement of the color. You do not need to overpowder or “bake” the face for a natural look. Just apply a light dusting.


For a rosy glow, apply a powder blush to the now blended area where the highlight on top of the cheekbone meets the contour below the cheekbone.


VOLA! That’s all it takes to contour! We thought contouring would be a bit more difficult than this but it was relatively easy with the help from Divalicious. Also, I didn’t mind looking like a warrior princess during the process.


Be sure to share with us how you contour by connecting with us @divalicious.ny and @laurencecchi!
Yours in Style,
Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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