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Working out in a gym isn’t always the most exciting thing to do. Some people love it, some people don’t. But whether you’re a gym rat or not, staying active is important. One thing we love about New York in the summer is all of the activities that take place around the city, and most of them are free! If you’re looking for fun ways to stay active or a gym alternative that doesn’t involve you spending time just trying to figure out what you’re doing, then we have the perfect list to stay fit in the city. Here are some of our favorite workouts that don’t require a gym membership.


SOULCYCLE: You burn a ton of calories, and have a ton a fun. You’re also guaranteed to be sore, so you know it works.

Fitness in Bryant Park: All free, Bryant Park offers yoga, boot camps, dance classes, and other fun ways to get active during the summer. Some classes require reservation so visit their website for more details.


Barry’s Bootcamp: A celeb favorite, Barry’s is an ass-kicking workout that really gets results. They offer outdoor workouts for those who like to sweat but are also indoors, so you won’t be completely dead from the heat.

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