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With various fitness trends being praised by celebrities in the media, it’s exciting to try them out yourself. The newest fitness trend on our agenda is called Barre, which is a class that utilizes a ballet bar to combine movements from pilates, yoga and ballet for a low joint-impact workout that tones your muscles.

Barre is challenging for beginners, because the workout routine focuses on small movements for maximum muscle utilization. However, the greater the challenge the better the result! Throughout class, instructors will ask you to move your leg or arm down an inch to perfect your form. However, both beginners and advanced athletes are in the same classes, so it’s easy to pick up on the movements after a few minutes. The 60 minute class is set to fun and upbeat music, and starts with push-ups and free weights to target the arm and chest area first. Secondly, thighs and your “seat” are the focus as the instructor tells you how to exercise with the ballet bar. Stretches are also encouraged throughout class, which keeps muscles warm, and thus less prone to injury.

Each class entails different combinations of the moves demonstrated by instructors, so you’ll never see the same class twice! If you want to change it up or tone a specific area, Pure Barre offers specialty classes that are 15 minutes longer than average classes and can specifically tone your “seat”, inner thighs, outer thighs and abs. There’s a variety of Barre studios around the country, but Pure Barre has the most, plus an adorable apparel shop for all of your athletic fashion needs.

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