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With summer quickly coming to a close, most of us want to hold on to the final days before a much colder fall is upon us. Despite the increasingly chilly weather that is just around the corner, we can still incorporate our favorite seasonal trends into our daily makeup routine with a few brazen adjustments. By choosing colors that are reminiscent of the bright and sunny days of summer, anyone can stay looking hot all year long.

So, we teamed up with our favorite makeup guru, Lauren Consenza from Divalicious NYC. She developed an electric blue eye trend. We got the inspiration for our luxurious Electric Blue Getaway bag, which is hot for summer but overall an all year long color. Here is how she suggests replicating it for yourself:


  1. Use Clinique Intense Midnight Eyeliner, which is the perfect navy shade for any eye color.
  2. Next, apply Rimmel Magnif-Eyes mascara in Bold Blue. Keep in mind that this stuff is extra creamy, which means it’s super easy to do the smudged eye look.
  3. Follow that up with a little Wet n’ Wild Voltage Megaline Liquid Liner, applying it only on the outer line of your upper lid for that bolt of electric color.
  4. Then, apply a layer of eyeliner on your lower lash line to complete the look.

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Now it is time for you to bat those beautiful eyes while wearing the very same eye trend that inspired us by our electric blue lineup. Pair your eye wear with one of our handbags for a bold fashion statement that looks expertly coordinated.


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