DIY Earrings

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The team here at LCNY loves doing DIY’s! There is just so much room for creativity and fun within a DIY project. We decided it would be cool to actually make our own pair of earrings.

With the spring weather approaching and summer right around the corner, why not make some big flashy earrings to go with your cute warm weather clothes? For this DIY, we did a classic rhinestone but didn’t be afraid to adding color (per usual). Make these earrings reflect a bit of your personality, and have fun!



-Wax paper
-Super glue
-Earring backs



1- Spread glue on wax paper. By doing this you are making a base for your earring so make sure that there is enough glue depending on what size you make you earring. The more rhinestones the more glue!


2- Place the jewels on top of the glue in the design that you want. We decided to do a medium sized earring, with a little pop of blue to make it fun and different. You can use a toothpick to help wedge in all the little jewels together in the center of the earring. Tip- patience is a virtue! Take your time with the design, especially if you are using a lot of smaller jewels.


3- Let them dry overnight.

4- Once dry, trim the wax paper and excess glue around the edges.

5- Last but not least, add the stud to the back of the earring, be sure to let those dry overnight as well.


Now you have your own personalized earrings! You can wear this with a casual outfit like jeans and a T-shirt with our Electric Blue Getaway bag to add some fun pops color to your look. Or wear these for a super classy LBD and our Navy Stretta clutch for a night out on the town!

Yours in Style,
Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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