DIY: Custom Frames

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As seasons changed, we wanted to do something different with our showroom. Our simple décor wasn’t cutting it for us anymore, so we felt like we needed change. We wanted to change the couch, the pillow and the decoration on the wall to revamp our showroom style. With a few simple steps, we made it happen.


Step 1:

We starting off by going to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshals and even some vintage stores and buying decorations for the wall we thought were cute, the problem was they weren’t the color we wanted. Since our theme for the showroom is silver, light gold and neutrals, and all the mirrored frames were gold, we thought why not paint them and personalize them a bit?


Step 2:

First thing we did with the frames was coat them all in white paint, since the frames are plastic its hard to get the paint on the first try, so putting a primer on really helped. Next we used our Liqutex paints that we got at Michaels Art supplies store to paint them metallic silver and a light gold color.


Step 3:

When we finished painting, we went shopping for pillows! We felt that the showroom needed to be amped up since we decided to update it with the new decor. We got the pillows from Pier 1 Imports and Homegoods. A mix of high and low and we love the overload of sequins and beads.


Step 4:

Since the whole showroom was looking nicer, we sold our old couch and headed across the street, to Macy’s of course. After an hour of testing out couches we found something more lush and perfect for the space.


Now our showroom is gorgeous, homey and inviting and we couldn’t love it more! What do you think? Connect with us on Twitter @laurencecchi to tell us your DIY projects we should try next time!

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Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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