Deck the Halls: Tips for a Perfectly Festive Party

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The holidays are here! Congratulations; you’ve made it through hectic work schedules, erratic traveling plans and arduous shopping trips. You deserve a little rest and relaxation! It’s time to sit back, sip a cocktail and bask in the company of those around you. And since we’re your guide to all things style, beauty, food and entertaining, we want to share these tips of how to make the most of your next holiday soiree.

gift giving

Gift Giving Etiquette

holiday favors

Holiday Favors

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or attending one, it’s always a wise idea to give your friends and family a thoughtful gift for the holidays. A great host or hostess deserves a thank-you for all of their hard work, so pick up one of their favorite desserts, wines or movies to express your gratitude. On the contrary, a host or hostess can craft nice party favors to thank their guests for coming. Gifts like tiny shooters or small mason jars of candy are adorable and budget-friendly ways to show that you care.

winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

bar cart

Bar Cart

Additionally, you can give your soiree some personality by choosing a theme. The decor, music and food should be consistent in order to create the right ambiance. Even choosing a pretty winter wonderland color scheme is a cute way to play up the holidays and streamline your decor. Also, stock your bar with well-liked drinks to please everyone. You should have a red and white wine, vodka, light and dark soda, tonic water, whiskey and gin on hand to make basic drinks for your guests.

party style

Party Style

Last but not least, be on your best behavior whether you’re hosting or not. It’s common knowledge that the holidays are a good time to blow off steam, but keep it classy and don’t have more than one or two drinks at a party. Parties are also a great excuse to try out a new beauty look, so focus your energy on a pretty hairstyle or makeup, rather than reliving your college years. To summarize, have a gift on hand, create a lovely aesthetic and maintain your elegant charisma. Cheers!

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