Dashing Desserts (and where to find them)!

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Not only does LCNY have tips for the best brunch places, we also happen to know where to find the best desserts throughout the city!  There are an abundance of nooks and crannies that serve up some of New York’s yummiest treats.


Momofuku Milk Bar serves up the trendiest cakes ever.  Their layered birthday cake is famous for its amazing creaminess and overall look.  Their most popular flavor is their funfetti cake with cookie dough, however they have a delicious german chocolate cake for the people that enjoy a heavier flavor.  


Source: Bon Appetit

The Lady M Green Tea Mille Crepes are a treat to both the eyes and the stomach.  Although it isn’t the typical cake, the taste is different from anything you’ve ever had before…amazing!  Its light and airy so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount you’ll be consuming.  It’s THAT good.


Source: Lady M

Smorgasburg is an event that all foodies must attend.  Located in Williamsburg, this market hosts stands from around the country.  The dessert that is taking the event by storm is the Raindrop Cake.  The ingredients are simple, but anyone that has tried it will attest to its ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ quality.


Source: The Slate

If you’re into a heavier and more satisfying dessert, then Eggloo is the place to go.  Who doesn’t like a waffle with two scoops of the ice cream of your choice.  Also, toppings galore!  Too much to handle…these are a sweet tooth’s dream.


Source: Life Through Chocolate

Dominique Ansel, the bakery that branded the Cronut, has had the genius idea of combining a shot with a sweet twist.  The Cookie Shot!  The combination of chocolate chip cookie and milk is a twist on a classic treat.


Source: Dominique Ansel

With all of these in mind, its easy to see that you’ll be leaving New York with slightly tighter pants.  However, we can assure you that its worth all of the yummy bad things that we are so used to avoiding.  One cheat day won’t hurt!


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