Crab Red-Inspired Lip with Divalicious NYC

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The summer is all about potent pops of colors, so we wanted to bring you a lip that is inspired by our colorful Crab Red Stretta! We got some help from Divalicious NYC and from the fabulous Lauren Consenza too. Try the Coral Lip for yourself, and then share comments or pictures with us!

Divalicious Directions:

  1. Cancel out your own lip tone with a little concealer. This will help you get the true color of the product on your lips.

*STYLE TIP: Press your concealer into your lips so it acts as a primer.


  1. Line lips with a red liner that is a shade darker than the shade you want to achieve.

*STYLE TIP: This adds dimension to your lips.


  1. Clean up the edges of your lips with a little concealer, if needed.


  1. Apply MAC Virgin Island Cream Color Base to your lips.

*STYLE TIP: You can use this product as a soft blush too. 


  1. Pat your lips and pucker up!

Yours in Style,

Lauren Cecchi New York Team

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