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Adventure comes at a price, traveling can be expensive, but if you know where to look, you can save money on your next dream destination.

As avid travelers, we love discovering places to visit and explore another culture.  Everyone should explore another country at least once in their lives, but we know how expensive it can be.  However, there are some places where your dollar will go farther.  Here are some places to visit for less.


Vietnam, travel destination

Vietnam is known for its beautiful countryside and inexpensive healthy food.  This beautiful country will give you the best of South Asian traditional culture as well as welcoming locals.  You can easily stay at a upscale hotel for low rates as well as plan excursions for little cost.



Currently the US dollar holds a lot of weight when exchanging them for Pesos in Mexico.  As of recently the rate of exchange is $1 = 18.82 Mexican Pesos.  If you are looking for an area with less tourism, Mazatlan is a great location for an authentic trip.  With inexpensive all inclusive hotels, this city is known for cheap food and entertainment.


With the restrictions of traveling to Cuba for American citizens becoming looser, now is the time to book a flight and visit this Caribbean island. Before prices rise, visit Havana to experience the sounds of true salsa, or head to the coast for clear water beaches.  The cuisine and old time-y feel of the cities is a great reason to visit.


Amsterdam is full of history and beautiful scenery, not to mention affordable!  We have seen flights recently for less that $500 round trip.  While in the city, check out the Van Gogh museum, which has the largest collection of his works in the world, or take a free guided walking tour, one of the best ways to learn about the city.  One of the best parts about flying to Amsterdam, is that it’s very affordable to travel to other European cities. Easily make your trip a multi-destination adventure.

South Africa:


As summer approaches, South Africa can be the ideal country for an exotic vacation.  Since their seasons are opposite (our summer = their winter), prices drop and hotels become less expensive.  While in the country take a wild safari without the big bill or hike through The Great Escarpment for one of a kind scenery.  If this is your dream destination, don’t forget to make time to explore Cape Town, beaches, mountains, and amazing food.  There’s nothing this city doesn’t have.

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