Beauty Booster Smoothie

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Maintaining a healthy diet can be a struggle with the constant demands of everyday life. However, this simple recipe will not only give your immune system a boost for the winter months ahead, it will give you a glowing complexion. The antioxidant-packed ingredients help regenerate collagen and renew skin cells quickly for a natural glow.



1 Cup blackberries

1 Cup raspberries

1 Cup Greek yogurt

1 Handful ice

1 Cup kale

1/2 Cup pomegranate juice

10 mint leaves

To make this delicious mixture, pick up some blackberries, raspberries, pomegranate juice, Greek yogurt, kale and fresh mint at your grocery store. The berries and juice add a sweet and tart flavor, the yogurt contributes a smooth consistency, and the mint adds freshness. Measure out your ingredients then throw them together in a blender and voila! To garnish your beauty booster, pour the blend in a pretty glass and top with a sprig of mint and a couple berries. This super easy smoothie is great for breakfast, lunch, midnight snack or really anything in between.

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