Art Basel 2017

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Every year art collectors, artists, galleries, art enthusiasts and people who just want to get away on vacation head to Miami for one of the biggest art shows in the world, Art Basel. Art Basel started over 40 years ago and now host’s three different fairs around the world to connect with people who love art. We have had the pleasure of attending a few years now and are always amazed to see what art is brought to Miami.

The great part of this art show is that they accept all different types of art – photographs, sculptures, mixed media, paintings, and interactive art to name a few. Some art is very traditional in a sense and others is left to the imagination of the viewer on how to interpret it. That is the great part of art, we all see art and perceive it differently!

Art Basel happens at the convention center but all of South Beach and Wynwood transform to open-air galleries showcasing different art and sculptures along the beach. Miami comes alive in the nighttime with fantastic food and nightlife but the real parties are the events hosted at private homes along the water. We had a phenomenal time this year and here are some of our favorite pieces from the show!


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