About Lauren Cecchi

“I fully intend to change the world of fashion one hand-stitched handbag at a time." – Lauren Cecchi

Lauren Cecchi has had an obvious knack for fashion and design since early childhood. At the ripe age of five years old, she sat down to learn sewing from her fabulous grandmother Gaetana. By the age of ten, she was drawing up and making her own unique designs. As a preponderant of decisive looks and fresh lines, Lauren’s ingenious upbringing defines her collection’s timeless creativity and fuels her passion for fashion.

Lauren Cecchi started young, earning her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business, and securing an MBA in International Business from the esteemed Lynn University. She landed an internship at Bloomingdale’s as a visual stylist before quickly becoming an event planner for Mar-a-Lago fashion luncheons and charity events. Meanwhile, Lauren helped direct the annual fashion shows at Lynn, never tiring of the unique challenges and continual changes.

After graduation, Lauren moved to New York where she became an Assistant Buyer for a variety of America’s most popular department stores. Noticing there were no American-made luxury brands on the shelves, Lauren decided to change the world one handbag at a time. LCNY was born that day - created out of love to provide exquisitely designed handbags and accessories, proudly made in the U.S.A., using only the highest quality materials, and constructed by diligent craftsmen who have pride in their work and a shared respect for the environment.

About Lauren Cecchi New York

“If I could be reincarnated, I would come back as one of my handbags, for they have very adventurous lives.” - Lauren Cecchi

From expertly designed accessories to meticulously crafted handbags, the Lauren Cecchi New York collection exudes beauty, elegance, and sophistication in a celebration of color. Each handbag is personally designed by Lauren before being constructed right in the heart of the NYC garment district by some of the country’s most sought-after artisans.

Hand-stitched totes, clutches, backpacks, and everything in between, LCNY is a premium collection of edited essentials for the modern-day socialite. Each piece is carefully crafted to foster a quick and easy transition from day to night, with an array of timeless styles, signature colors, and coordinated accessories that are designed to be luxurious while remaining suitable for any occasion.

The bold color palate and gently raised ribbing have become the signature features of the LCNY collection, but Lauren Cecchi New York is a name known for its erudite silhouette, not for its branding or logo. LCNY handbags and accessories exemplify the delicate balance between functionality, elegance, and sex appeal.