5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Holiday

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Even though the holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy yourself, it’s important to not over-indulge on food and drinks laden with carbs and sugar. It can be way too easy to gain weight over the holidays, but all you need is a little self-awareness to keep your healthy self on track. You might be surprised at how simple it is to start the new year off happy and healthy!

1. Avoid Stress Binging


Holiday Fitness

The holidays can be notorious for causing stress between wrapping up work projects and managing your personal life, so gaining weight during the holiday season is understandably common. Since calories can add up quickly, try to avoid gravy, rich desserts and mixed drinks. Although it’s okay to have one serving, try stop yourself there or else you can feel tired and bloated after too many treats.

2. Make Time To Move Around


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It’s little changes like taking the stairs, walking around on your lunch break and trying out a new Barre class that help you to balance your body and get your heart rate up. Exercise gives you endorphins that make you happy and relaxed, so remember that every little bit counts!

3. Use Substitutes

karlies kookies

Karlies Kookies

Taking fat, sugar and calories out of food can be easier than you think. Try substituting butter with olive oil and cut out gluten wherever possible, because gluten causes inflammation and drowsiness. Try using gluten-free flour and eat carbs like potatoes, rice and corn, which don’t contain gluten. If you don’t know where to start, Karlie Kloss has a delicious gluten-free recipe for cookies.

4. Drink Plenty of Water


Benefits of Water

This tip is a no-brainer! If you feel hungry and want to snack, try sipping on water first. Sometimes, the brain misreads signals from the stomach and mistakes thirst for hunger. Additionally, drinking water keeps your skin glowing, regulates appetite and moves nutrients through our bodies.

5. Snack Consciously

healthy snack

Healthy Snacks

The stress of work and holiday travel can cause us to over-indulge on rich snacks and drinks offered virtually everywhere, so it’s a smart idea to bring along healthy snacks in your purse. A bag of granola, an apple and a bottle of water are good emergency snacks to satisfy hunger while traveling, socializing or working. Put your health first this holiday and begin the new year healthy, smart and regret-free!

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